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  Name: Vitaly Scherbo
Nationality: Belarus
Title/Position: Owner & Boys Team Head Coach
Experience: Vitaly was introduced to gymnastics at the age of 7. His first international performances were in 1990-1991, competing for the USSR team at the World Championship and the World Cup. In the 1992 & 1996 Olympics.
Medals, Awards & Other: For full information on history & Hall of Fame click here.
  Name: Ronica Hahn
Nationality: American (Cherokee & Irish)
Title/Position: General Manager/Financial Controller
Education/Certification(s): Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Theology
Experience: Legal administrator for 5 years.
High School Principal for 9 years.
Chapter Executive for Golf Course Superintendent Association for 7 years.
Worked at Vitaly Scherbo School of Gymnastics for a total of 17 years, 4 years on the Booster board and 13 years in office.
  Name: Amber Law
Nationality: American (Filipino & American)
Title/Position: Assitant Financial Controller
Education/Certification(s): Graduated from Centennial HS; QuickBooks Certified; two Microsoft Excel certifications
  Name: Windy Madiedo
Title/Position: Website Admin
Nationality: American (American & Peruvian)
Education/Certification(s): Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering. MBA in Marketing & Computer Information Systems.
Experience: Born in Miami, Florida, Windy went to school at the University of Miami where she worked at the University's IT Department for 6 yrs. as Senior Staff Supervisor, Senior Staff Coordinator, trainer and HR assistant. Windy went on to work as an IBM Consultant for 4.5 years. She was Assistant to the Director of Education for 6 mths prior moving to Las Vegas.

Medals, Awards & Other: Windy was a Salsa Dancer for 6 years prior to moving to Las Vegas.
  Name: Morgan Cochran
Title/Position: Office Staff
Medals, Awards & Other:
  Name:Charnette Gumaru
Title/Position: Office Staff & Recreational Coach
Medals, Awards & Other:
  Name: Radoslav "Radi" Shopski
Nationality: Bulgarian
Nickname: Radi
Title/Position: Boys Team Head Coach
Experience: Coach Radi was born in Bulgaria and started gymnastics in 1979. He has competed in College, Elite, International Team and Bulgarian National Team from 1988 - 1996. He has been coaching for the past 10 years, in both men's and women's team gymnastics.
Medals, Awards & Other:
  Name: Valentina Scherbo
Nationality: Russian
Title/Position: Team Girls Coach
Experience: Valentina was a competitive gymnast in Russia up to L9. At age 17 she began a career with the Moscow Circus. Her contract brought her to the United States. Upon completion of her contract she stayed in Las Vegas and married Vitaly Scherbo. She has worked as the Girls' Team coach since 2012.
Medals, Awards & Other:
  Name: Gennadiy Bezverkhiy
Nickname: Genna
Nationality: Ukranian
Title/Position: Boys Team Coach & Recreational Class Coach
Education/Certification(s): Kiev State University of Physical Education. School of Olympic Reserve of Ukraine.
Experience: 2 yrs. coaching in Ukraine, 3 yrs. coaching in the U.S.
Medals, Awards & Other: International Master of Sport of Gymnastics; Gold Medalist in rings in World Stars Championships; Team member in University Games in Buffalo; Ukranian National Champion
  Name: Irina Bazarosa
Nationality: Russian
Title/Position: Tots Coach & Team Girls Coach
Education/Certification(s): High School; School of Olympic Reserve; Master of Sport of the Soviet Union in gymnastics.
Experience: 25 yrs. with the Great Moscow Circus.
  Name: Collin Mould
Nationality: American
Title/Position: Girls team, and Recreational Class Coach
Education/Certification(s): Currently studying at UNLV for Pre-Pharmacy; University of Oklahoma Freshman yr.; CPR Certified
Experience: Team Boys/ Girls; Beginner Boys/ Girls; Camp
Medals, Awards & Other: National Gymnast Competitor for 5 years as LV 10 Gymnast.
  Name: Robert Blackledge
Nationality: American
Title/Position: Recreational/ Xcel Team Coach
Education/Certification(s): USAG Instructor, currently in college studying Small Business Management
Experience: Worked at Desert Gymcats coaching recreational classes and lower level team. Robert coached cheer, tumbling and team at Infinity Gymnastics in El Paso, TX for one year; and Excel Gymnastics in San Diego, CA.
Medals, Awards & Other: Robert competed through Level 10, receiving numerous medals throughout his career. He was level 5 and 6 State Champion.

  Name: Nicole Hostia
Nationality: Hispanic
Title/Position: Recreational Coach
Education/Certification(s): USAG Certified, HS Diploma
Experience: Coached numerous recreational classes and has assisted with the Xcel girls' team coaching and choreography;
Medals, Awards & Other:Over 60 medals, two time Regional Champion, Outstanding Achievement award;
  Name: Alexander Ryzhuk
Nationality: Russian
Nickname: Sasha
Title/Position: Team Girls' Coach
Education/Certification(s): College of Physical Education Moscow
Experience: 8 years Boys' Team
Medals, Awards & Other: Master of Sport USSR, 13 years working for Cirque du Soleil in "Mystere".
  Name: Isabella Crawford
Title/Position: Recreational Coach
Education/Certification(s): USAG Certified
Coaching Experience:
  Name: Abigail Avalo
Title/Position: Recreational Coach
Coaching Experience: Coached one and a half years at Bayside Sport Academy in Florida, instructing girls rec, tumbling, circus arts, bright stars, ninja and after school program.
  Name: Rumyana Mamulova
Nationality: Bulgarian
Title/Position: Head Girls Team Coach
Coaching Experience: Born in Burgas, Bulgaria. Started gymnastics at age 6 and at age 10 was accepted to the specialized Sports School of Youry Gagarin. During the middle and high school years, she competed at elite level in gymnastics and was awarded the title of Master of Sport. Became Vice Champion of Bulgaria in the junior division in 1978. Continued education at the Higher Institute for Physical Culture and Sport in Sofia, where she competed successfully on collegiate level and earned Bachelor's degree in gymnastics coaching and physical education. Through the recommendation of her mentor, Tzvetana Dimova, Rumy was offered a coaching position at the University of Pretoria in SA. She came to the US in 2002 and had the opportunity to coach at different levels of the JO program, Tops and Hopes. Rumy is specialized in floor and beam choreography and holds Level 9 judging credentials.
  Name: Rajaa Smith
Nationality: African American/German/Filipino
Title/Position: Recreational Coach
Education/Certification(s): CPR/Fire Safety. Currently studying Culinary Arts.
Coaching Experience: Raja has been a gymnast for 18 years and has competed through L8. She has two years coaching experience with Sienna Gymnastics.
Medals: Numerous awards in gymnastics, track and cheer.
  Name: Sabrina Perkins
Nationality: American/ Thai
Title/Position: Recreational Coach
Education/Certification(s): Currently studying at the College of Southern Nevada. Will graduate Spring 2019 Associates of Science Degree
Coaching Experience: Sabrina was in recreational gymnastics for ten years. She taught dance and coached swim one year to present.

Vitaly was inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame in May of 2009